All of my recent work will be dedicated to a TREE. You can watch a short movie about this work ; BETULA PENDULA TRISTIS

Also you can see a film about cutting down the tree here;  de BERK

Music and art  integrate more often than ever. Because of my piano-improvisation study at the Conservatory I also trained myself in transformation of different artforms into music.

I play solo at openings or at a small home concert or intermezzo on a other events.  Here are some private recordings when performing the colours of the Dutch movement 'de STIJL' during the grand opening of MtVD (Mondriaan tot Vughts Design) on the 26th March in Vught at the Lambertuspodium including one video

YELLOW (click on picture)   GREY     BLUE     WHITE


I compose short themes based on artistic works. A short musical theme called  'TRACKSAG'  played on a Roland keyboard and recorded in the 'L & D studio'  studio from my friend BERT VAN DE VEN. In this studio we also recorded nine short compositions (each representing a different color) which I made for an interactive artproject . 

Since 2013 I am working with a TRIO; MACCO COSTER on double bass, CHARLES COSTER as poet en myself on the piano.

You can listen to some of our own recordings of this poetry with music here;




bookings; (or by phone 0031 657099817)


My sketch design for the object SCHIJNZIN (fictitious) is realized for the residents of the ADRIAAN POORTERSSTREET in Vught.

On the first of july the object is PLACED ! 

You can also see more photo's and info on my FACEBOOK-PAGE


I have made a test command for an embankment near the highway A2, my design ; 'the Balconette


Here you can see my film called 'TOCHT' , more films to see on my page with LINKS